What does Michigan Physicians Group do?
Michigan Physicians Group is a healthcare group serving patients in metro Detroit area.
What kind of people is Michigan Physicians Group looking for?
We are looking for talented, motivated persons who are willing to give their best to help make Michigan Physicians Group grow.
How does recruiting work at Michigan Physicians Group ?
Your application will be reviewed by our HR departmnet. If they find you a suitable match for the post, you will be contacted for interview.
May I apply to more than one Michigan Physicians Group location at a time?
Yes. You may apply for multiple positions at Michigan Physicians Group.
How often do you update your position listings?
How often should I apply?
Whenever there are any requirements, we will update our job listing. You can check our website frequently for updates.
How do I check my application status?
Currently we do not provide online status check. Our HR department will contact you if your credentials match our requirements.
When can I expect to hear back from Michigan Physicians Group?


What type of career advancement does Michigan Physicians Group offer?