MPG History

We are blessed with all our retired physicians and family who has inspired us to support & grow in order to provide quality and timely services.
We inherited Berkley Clinic from Dr. Inwald in 1997 with initially 2 doctors.  Kinloch Clinic was then acquired back in 1999 from Dr. Amelon and then subsequently we acquired Dr. Smyk's practice in 2001. The roots of MPG go way beyond 1997 with the goodwill developed over 3 decades by some of our retired physicians like Dr. Sam Inwald from Berkley Clinic, Dr. Amelon from Kinloch Clinic, Dr. Smyk from Compton Clinic, Dr. B. Marella from Madison Heights Medical Center and Dr. Roth from a recent acquisition of Livonia Family Practice.
In order to centralize and provide standardized care to all our patients, we restructured and renamed our organization to "Michigan Physicians Group (MPG)" in 1999.  Our journey has never been easy, but we are making strides year after year to add new services and improve upon existing services to win your loyalty and satisfaction.